99% efficiency mechanical use kitchen use instantaneous water heater

99% efficiency mechanical use kitchen use instantaneous water heater

$ 75.00 $ 55.00


  • Bare wire heating, ABS enclosure
  • 99% heating efficiency
  • Anti lime-scale
  • Pressurized
  •  Install under the sink, space saving
  • Pressure and water flow starting system
  • Faucet adjustment

Product Specifications

Electric Shower Water Heater P55B is ideal for home and commercial applications such as bathroom, kitchen, lavatory and office. This particular heater can be installed under the sink or mounted on a wall, and it has a modern look. It does not occupy unnecessary place with its suitable ergonomic design for narrow spaces. Electric Shower Water Heater P55B heats the water to the required temperature directly as it flows through the unit. The appliance only consumes power during this period. When you switched on Electric Shower Water Heater ,it starts to heat as soon as and does not waste energy in vain by waiting. That is why Electric Shower Water Heater P55B instant water heater is energy efficient.

Product NumberP55B
Heating technologyElectricity + instant heating
InstallationSingle point, under sink
Product dimension191*155*83mm
Technical data
Rated voltage220V
Rated output5.5KW
Rated current25A
Heating elementsBare wire
EnclosureABS, white color
Temperature accuracyNo thermostatic
Hot water limit48°С
Inlet/outlet pipe connectionG1/2
Water proof ratingIPX4


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