Electric tankless water heater 400v 24 kw bare wire heating

Electric tankless water heater 400v 24 kw bare wire heating

$ 180.00 $ 160.00


  • 380-400V 18-24KW
  • Bare wire heating, ABS enclosure
  • 99% heating efficiency
  • Anti lime-scale
  •  Thermostatic control  +/1℃
  • On/off button
  • Temperature setting buttons
  • Multi Entry Facility, Pressurized
  • Digital + light belt display
  • 30-60℃ temperature adjustment
  • Water flow start system >2.0L/min
  • High temperature protection

With instant heating of water to your required and desired temperature, so electric tankless water heater will ensure you never run out of hot water. And if the water pressure has fallen below the minimum required. So electric tankless water heater will operate the unit the differential pressure switch. This switches off power to the heating elements preventing undue temperature rise. When adequate water pressure returns, the instant water heater will automatically switch on . The P1807 is ideal for home and commercial applications such as bathroom, kitchen, lavatory and office. This particular heater can be installed under the sink or mounted on a wall, and it has a modern look. It does not occupy unnecessary place with its suitable ergonomic design for narrow spaces.


Product Specifications


Product Number  P1807
Heating technology  Electricity + instant heating
Pressurized  Yes
Installationt  Multi points, no limitation
Product dimension  465 * 225 * 93 mm
Technical data 
Rated voltage 380 V
Rated output 18 kw
Rated current 40 A
Frequency 50 Hz
Heating elements Bare wire
Enclosure ABS, white color
Temperature accuracy ± 0.5 °С
Hot water limit 60°С
Inlet / outlet pipe connection G1/2
Water proof rating IPX4


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