Low cost energy esaving easy use shower kit

Low cost easy use shower kit

Shower to show us a different kind of living style, is a continuation of its functionality. Many of the big brands are in the development of a variety of water outlet, in addition to the most basic general water for simple and quick shower, for the additional use of functions, such as massage, shampoo and so have different water and water control, So that each bath is comfortable in place. In order to let people experience all the different shower, the market for any mood and occasion of the hand shower and shower tower series, these products set reliable and durable features and people mind design in one.

Product Details

Low cost energy esaving easy use shower kit

Product NumberEco shower kit – 1
UseageLow pressure system
Spare qtyShower handset 1pc
Rail tube 1pc
Wall brackets 2pcs
Slider 1pc
Hose 1pc
Screw pack 1 bag
Technical data
Shower handset1 function white shower handset, with 98mm dia. faceplate, white shower body + grey faceplate+grey spray nozzle, spray water only
Rail tubePolished rail tube, stainless steel material, dia. 22*600*0.4mm
Wall bracket∮22mm white wall brackets
Slider∮22mm white slider
Soap dishN/A
Hose retainerN/A
Hose1.5m PVC white hose, ∮14mm, white cone ends
Screw bag2 pluggers, 2 screws


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