Low pressure system button push electric shower

Low pressure system button push electric shower

$ 90.00 $ 80.00

Instantaneous hot water supply for kitchen sink and bathroom basin, enjoy hot water supply during four season. Half size of storage water heater, suit for any kitchen/ bathroom size, easy installtion. We invented three-way electricity defender technology of instant electric water herter, prevented users from electric shock to death in the shower.


  • Copper heating, ABS enclosure
  • Push Button Start/Stop
  • Fully Temperature Controlled
  • Single entry point
  • Cold + 3 heating selection button
  • Visual power light
  • Visual low pressure light
  • Phase shut down protection
  • High Temperature Safety Cut Out

Product Specifications

With the summer season ending, it’s time for cold morning baths that don’t offer the most comfortable experience. C80E, C90E, C105E Instant Water Heater will let you have that warm shower ready in minutes. With instant heating of water to your required and desired temperature. So this instant water heater will ensure you never run out off hot water. The high performance that this water heater delivers made possible, because of the durable motor. Powered by 8.5KW, 9.5KW, 10.5KW of power consumption that makes your water heat up as fast as possible.

Instant Water Heater is designed in white with an ABS body on the exterior that makes for a welcome addition to your bathroom. Its interior has an ultra thick stainless steel superior grade inner tank, so it is rust and shock proof. This C80E, C90E, C105E instant water heater is ideal for working in high rise buildings and pressure pump installations. With a non-ferrous pressure plate, C80E, C90E, C105E instant water heater is compact and easy to install. You can bring home this easy to install and use water heater to enjoy warm showers at your convenience and allow yourself the luxury of a warm embrace at anytime of the day! 

Product NumberC80E, C90E, C105E
Heating technologyElectricity + instant heating
PressurizedNo, single point use only
InstallationtSingle point, above sink
Product dimension325*222*108mm
Technical data
Rated voltage 230V-240V
Rated output8.5KW, 9.5KW, 10.5KW
Rated current40A
Heating elementsCopper
EnclosureABS, silver color
Temperature accuracyNot thermostatic
Hot water limit49°С/80°С
Inlet/outlet pipe connectionG1/2
Water proof ratingIPX4


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