Oversink instant shower water heater

Low power instant water heater 2

$ 45.00 $ 35.00


  • High heating efficiency
    Copper heating technology,99% heating efficiency
  • Easy use
    Low/Medium/High heating power button
  • Safety
    High temperature protection TCO

Product Specifications

All drinking & washing water in one single move. No residual water in the tank,so is no re-heating. Only heat amount per user’s setting, no need to heat whole tank, so save power.

Product NumberSMFX
Heating technologyElectricity + instant heating
PressurizedNo, single point use only
InstallationSingle point, above sink
Product dimension270*135*100 mm
Technical data
Rated voltage220 V
Rated output3.5 KW/5.5 KW/6.5 KW
Rated current25 A
Frequency50 Hz
Heating elementsCopper
EnclosureABS, white color
Temperature accuracyNo thermostatic
Hot water limit85°С
Inlet/outlet pipe connectionG1/2
Water proof ratingIPX4


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