Tankless residential hot water heater electric 240v 10.5kw

Tankless residential hot water heater electric 240v 10.5kw

$ 65.00 $ 60.00

Instantaneous hot water supply for kitchen sink and bathroom basin, enjoy hot water supply during four season. Bare wire heating elements, never form lime-scale, good for fruit/ vegetables/ dish/ hand wash. 99% heating efficiency, instant hot water supply when use, no pre-heat is required, save water and electricity.


  • Copper heating, ABS enclosure
  • Push Button Start/Stop
  • Fully Temperature Controlled
  • Single entry point
  • Cold + 3 heating selection buttons
  • Visual power light
  • Visual low pressure light
  • High temperature protection

Product Specifications

Take a warm, comforting bath anytime of the day as you switch on BM85, BM95, BM105 instant water heater. It features a long life heating element, so offers it extended durability and performance for many years. With automatic temperature regulation through thermostat, so BM85, BM95, BM105 instant water heater keeps your power and heating status optimised. The sleek aesthetic looks of this heater add to your bathroom decor. Its comes with an outer cover made of rust proof ABS material. Multiple safety system of this instant water heater ensures a safe operation. This heater is perfect to provide you with hot water anytime of the day. Especially when you need an impromptu bath to refresh yourself. This water heater uses hi-tech thermostat and its thermal cutout turns it off, so when there water temperature over-exceeds the set limit, providing you safety.

Product NumberBM85, BM95, BM105
Heating technologyElectricity + instant heating
PressurizedNo, single point use only
InstallationtSingle point, dual water and cable entry
Product dimension325*222*108mm
Technical data
Rated voltage230V-240V
Rated output8.5KW, 9.5KW, 10.5KW
Rated current40A
Heating elementsCopper
EnclosureABS, white color
Temperature accuracyNot thermostatic
Hot water limit49°С/80°С
Inlet/outlet pipe connectionG1/2
Water proof ratingIPX4


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