Small tankless water heater electric 220v 8.8kw

Small tankless water heater electric 220v 8.8kw

$ 70.00 $ 65.00

99% heating efficiency, instant hot water supply when use, no pre-heat is required, save water and electricity. Bare wire heating elements, never form lime-scale, good for fruit/vegetables/ dish/ hand wash. Half size of storage water heater, suit for any kitchen / bathroom size, easy installtion.


  • 99% heating efficiency
  • Anti lime-scale
  • On/off button
  • Power setting buttons
  • 30-60℃ temperature adjustment
  • Water flow start system >2.0L/min
  • High temperature protection

Small tankless water heater 220v 8.8kwIn this day and age of instant interaction, instant connectivity and fast paced lifestyles. The Instant Water Heater is just what the doctor ordered. Just like high-speed Broadband enables us to watch videos without buffering, so we can now take a hot water shower without any waiting. Perfect for those days when you’re running a bit late, and isn’t it? The E90E Instant electric water heater from E-Tec’s new series. So E90E is designed for those always on the go and prefer to have things on hand at the flick of a switch. The E90E Instant water heater is the perfect home appliance. So E90E will reduce time spent in the bath and have you refreshed in just a few moments.

Product Specification

Product NumberE90E
Heating technologyElectricity + instant heating
InstallationtMulti points, no limitation
Product dimension230*390*95mm
Technical data
Rated voltage220V
Rated output8.8kw
Rated current40A
Heating elementsBare wire
EnclosureABS, white color
Temperature accuracyN/A
Hot water limit60°С
Inlet/outlet pipe connectionG1/2
Water proof ratingIPX4


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