Easy hold shower kit for special care people like elders, disables etc

Low cost easy use shower kit

Water saving function is the focus of the shower when you want to consider. With the ball spool shower, and with the regulation of hot water controller, you can adjust the inflow of hot water into the mixing tank, so that hot water can quickly and accurately outflow. This type of design is more reasonable than the average shower water 50%. The multi-stage function of the shower is mainly through the different water holes to carry out the regulation of the water in order to achieve the effect of water saving, the new water shower can be divided into 10 million water droplets as small as rain water particles. The most prominent way to save water is the fully concentrated water column, although the rinsing is strong, but each nozzle will automatically reduce the water.

Product Details

Product NumberCare kit – 1
UseageElders, disable or other special care people
Spare qtyShower handset 1pc
Rail tube 1pc
Wall brackets 2pcs
Slider 1pc
Soap dish 1pc
Hose 1pc
Screw pack 1 bag
Technical data
Shower handset3 function white shower handset, with 100mm dia. faceplate, white shower body + white faceplate+grey spray nozzle, outer/middle/inner spray water selection
Rail tubeWhite rail tube, stainless steel material, ∮32*860*0.8mm
Wall bracketZinc alloy chrome plating
Slider∮32mm white slider
Soap dishWhite soap dish
Hose retainerN/A
Hose2.0m shinning silver PVC hose, dia. 16mm, chrome plating cone ends
Screw bag4 pluggers, 4 screws
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