110V Silver water magic cube

Silver Water Magic Cube chilled and boiling water

$ 330.00 $ 310.00


  • Chilled/Boiling/Purified all in one
  • Stainless steel tank 3.2+3.2 litres
  • Boiling- 60 cups
  • Chilled – 120 cups
  • Tank size: 45*28*33CM
  • Color: tank – white, faucet – chrome
  • Hot water heater can be added
  • Water filter can be added


All drinking & washing water in one single move. Stainless steel tank by single shot shaping technique. No welding, no strange smell in the water, no metal precipitation, due to high temperature. Because no residual water in the tank , is no re-heating. Only heat amount per user’s setting, no need to heat whole tank, save power.


Product Number BFC60/120
Tank SUS304
Heating element SUS304
Refrigerant R134A
Voltage 110V 60Hz
Current 8.0A
Power – Boiling 750W
Power  – Chilled & Sparking 200W
Boiling 185-210℉
Chilled & Sparking 41-50℉
Protection temperature °С 90
Boiling 60 cups
Chilled 120 cups
Boiling 0.85 gallon
Chilled 0.85 gallon
Product dimension (mm) 450*280*330mm


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