Chrome finish eco selling shower kit with multi function shower handset

Chrome finish eco selling shower kit

  • In the shower into the cold touch design, making the hand of the shower surface and the internal flow of hot water between the formation of a layer of isolation, even after a long period of high temperature hot water shower, the handle will not be hot.
  • In the bath process, we often change the direction of the nozzle, around the result is the hose tangled together, if at this time inadvertently shed the shower head, but also easy to be thrown to the nozzle to drop. And our brand of the shower can effectively prevent the hose entanglement knot, each turn to keep the arm of the smooth.

Product Details

Chrome finish eco selling shower kit

Product Number Eco shower kit – 2
Useage Low pressure system
Spare qty Shower handset 1pc
Rail tube 1pc
Wall brackets 2pcs
Slider 1pc
Soap dish 1pc
Hose 1pc
Hose retainer 1pc
Screw pack 1 bag
Technical data
Shower handset 3 function chrome shower handset, with 98mm dia. faceplate, chrome shower body + grey faceplate+grey spray nozzle, outer/middle/inner spray water
Rail tube Chrome rail tube, stainless steel material, dia. 22*600*0.4mm
Wall bracket ∮22mm chrome wall brackets
Slider ∮22mm chrome slider
Soap dish Clear soap dish
Hose retainer ∮22mm chrome hose retainer
Hose 1.5m stainless steel double inter-locked hose, ∮14mm, nut plus cone ends
Screw bag 2 pluggers, 2 screws


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