Electric water heater instant with LED display screen

Electric water heater instant with LED display screen

$ 68.00 $ 63.00



  • Copper heating, ABS enclosure
  • Push Button Start/Stop
  • Fully Temperature Controlled
  • Single entry point
  • Cold + 3 heating selection buttons
  • LED display screen
  • Phase shut down protection
  • High temperature protection

99% heating efficiency, instant hot water supply when use. It isn’t required pre-heat, so save water and electricity. Fully temperature controlled, phase shut down protection.


Product Specifications


Product Number BE80, BE90, BE105
Heating technology Electricity + instant heating
Pressurized No, single point use only
Installationt Single point, dual water and cable entry
Product dimension 325*222*108mm
Technical data
Rated voltage 230V-240V
Rated output 8.5KW, 9.5KW, 10.5KW
Rated current 40A
Frequency 50Hz
Heating elements Copper
Enclosure ABS, silver color
Temperature accuracy Not thermostatic
Hot water limit 49°С/80°С
Inlet/outlet pipe connection G1/2
Water proof rating IPX4



sliver, white+chrome

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