Instant water heater 380V 18kw three phase bare wire

Instant water heater 380V 18kw three phase bare wire

$ 180.00 $ 160.00


  • 99% heating efficiency
  • Anti lime-scale
  • On/off button
  • Temperature setting buttons
  • Memory button M1, M2
  • Bath tub 10-600L setting
  • Digital + light belt display
  • 30-60℃ temperature adjustment
  • Water flow start system >2.0L/min
  • High temperature protection

The p180A instant water heater offers 99% heating efficiency, so among the highest energy efficiency available on the market today . Innovative features for easy installation, and operation and simple maintenance. In addition , instant water heater takes up much less space than your conventional tank – type water heater or boiler. With no tank or boiler to steal valuable storage space, so wall-mount design allows for additional storage and flexibility.

Product Specifications

Product Number  p180A
Heating technology  Electricity + instant heating
Pressurized  Yes
Installationt  Multi points, no limitation
Product dimension  465*225*93mm
Technical data 
Rated voltage 380V
Rated output 18kw
Rated current 40A
Frequency 50Hz
Heating elements Bare wire
Enclosure ABS, white color
Temperature accuracy ± 0.5°С
Hot water limit 60°С
Inlet/outlet pipe connection G1/2
Water proof rating IPX4

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