Mechanical storage water heater for kitchen cabinet

Undersink storage water heater

$ 85.00 $ 65.00


  • Stainless steel tank, no welding
  • Stainless steel heating elements
  • Knob adjust temperature
  • Supply hot water always
  • High temperature protection

All drinking & washing water in one single move. Stainless steel tank by single shot shaping technique, no welding, no strange smell in the water , no metal precipitation due to high temperature. No residual water in the tank , no re-heating is required. Only heat amount per user’s setting, no need to heat whole tank, save power.


Product Number W24-3
Voltage (V) 240
Frequency (Hz) 50
Heating power (kW) 2.4
Pressurized No
Capacity 2.5L
Temperature precision°С Not applicable
Rated pressure (bar) 7.5
IP rating IPX4
Hot temperature limit °С 75
Protection temperature °С 90
Power cord (mm2) 1.5
Product dimension (mm) 220*320*255


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