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    Open Hot Drinking Water Boiler With Filter

    INSTANT HOT WATER DISPENSER: This instant hot water system features a compact, stainless steel tank with easy-to-adjust temperature control that delivers instant, near-boiling water. STYLISH DESIGN & EASY TO INSTALL: This stylish system not only pairs well with main kitchen faucets that feature modern or transitional design lines, it is also easy to install with a single hole in your counter top and electricity under your sink. HOT WATER ON DEMAND: Whether you're cooking, cleaning or preparing hot beverages, instant hot water dispensers sit on the edge of your kitchen sink ready to dispense near-boiling water when you need it. Save time, space & energy in the kitchen. FASTER, CLEANER, SMARTER: From meal prep to cleanup, this boiler make it fast & easy to keep your kitchen clean with our appliances.

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